At Ansel & Ivy, we know that there’s just something about owning and caring for plants that brings joy to your life. Maybe it’s the warmth that plants bring to a room, maybe it’s the nostalgia of summers spent outdoors, or maybe it’s the hints of the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever it is, we’re here to make it easy to brighten your life with green moments.

Plant Care 101

We make it easy to be a plant parent. Every Ansel & Ivy plant comes with detailed care instructions to make sure you know how to properly care for her. We’ll be right here if you need any additional help along the way.

Shipped to You

Skip the nursery - we ship right to your frontdoor. Our packaging and materials are 100% recyclable and every plant is boxed with care, so your new plant is sure to arrive safe and sound.

Grown with Love

With the guidance of expert horticulturists and seasoned growers, we curate the best plants that California has to offer. This means that when your plant arrives at your doorstep you'll be off to a great start.

Potted to Perfection

Let us save you the headache of finding the right pot to put your new plant in- all of our plants come potted in exclusive Ansel & Ivy pots. Choose from one of four signature color options to complement your style and space.

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