Cordyline Pink Diamond

Cordyline fruticosa


She's as sweet and whimsical as she sounds. Place this blushing babe near a window so she can get some sun. Her bright, delicate leaves will make an elegant statement in any room, and liven up your decor.

Signature Medium pot: 6.5” h x 7” w

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Care Tips

Placement of Plant

In a room that gets a medium amount of natural light. Bright, sunny windows should be avoided.

Light Details

Indirect light. Direct, bright sunlight should be avoided.

Water Amount

Water when top 1/2 inch of soil is dry. Water evenly so that the soil is damp, not soggy.


Does well at room temperature between 60°F - 77°F. Cold temperatures should be avoided.

Humidity Tolerance

Prefers higher levels of humidity, around 75% or above.

Repotting Needs

Consider repotting after a year or when the roots fill the pot.

Unhealthy Plant

Browning and withering leaves may be a sign of underwatering.


If ingested, may cause a harmful reaction in pets.

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