Red Dragon Tree

Dracaena marginata magenta


Not one to follow trends; this gal's sleek, spikey leaves will demand your attention when you walk into a room. She doesn't need much to keep her cool—indirect sunlight and a bit of water and she'll stay perky.

Signature Small pot: 4.5” h x 4.5” w

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Care Tips

Placement of Plant

In a room that gets a medium amount of natural light. Bright, sunny windows should be avoided.

Light Details

Medium, indirect sunlight. Direct, bright sunlight should be avoided.

Water Amount

Water when top part of soil has dried out. Water evenly so that the soil is damp, not soggy.


Does well at room temperature between 60°F - 77°F. Cold temperatures should be avoided.

Humidity Tolerance

Does well with standard indoor levels of humidity, about 40% - 60%.

Repotting Needs

Repot after about one year.

Unhealthy Plant

Browning leaves may be a sign of underwatering. Yellowing leaves may indicate too much sunlight.


If ingested, may cause a harmful reaction in pets.

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